What should you promote in MOBE?

What should you promote in MOBE?

MOBE had tremendous amount of products to choose from for you to promote. When it comes time for you to make your choice, it’s important to remember several things.

  1. Choose the right product for you.
  2. Get really good at one method of promotion.
  3. Don’t jump from one method to another.
  4. Invest 90% of your efforts into promoting one product with one method.
  5. Know how to promote other products, but don’t promote more than 2-3 at a time.

What are your choices?

  1. Buy buyers through We Sell Good Traffic.
  2. Buy Clicks through We Sell Clicks.
  3. Promote an eBook or the Limitless Book.
  4. Promote IM Freedom Workshops around the world.

These are some of the choices you have. Either way, choose one, get really good at it and then choose another one.. or NOT.

Moshe Vaknin

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