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I just came back from Chile, where I spent 3 days with my mentor Carolina Millam. Mentoring is a key component for your success. A mentor provides you tricks and short cuts that cut years of learning curves that save you time and money.

Here are some keys to choosing a mentor:

  1. Find a mentor that you can have a good chemistry with.
  2. Implement what you learn right away.
  3. Your mentor should be someone who is willing to share their ‘secrets’ with you.
  4. Implement these ‘secrets’ in your style. Be yourself, not an imitator.
  5. Stay authentic!!!
  6. If you become a mentor, charge for your time. No free rides.
  7. Time is money.

These are just some of the main lessons I learned.

Watch the attached video. Enjoy.

To Our Success,
Moshe Vaknin

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